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If you have found my website, I expect you may be looking for something.  Maybe answers to the things that trouble you in your life, for some hope, answers, direction, solutions or guidance.

Whilst I don't claim to be able to provide all of these things, I am pretty sure I can help you.  I believe that within us we all have the answers to life's problems and our difficulties. Sometimes though,  it can be hard to access these answers on our own and it can be helpful to have someone like me to help you to find them. I am pretty good at helping people to find answers, coping strategies, solutions, direction and hope.  I would be happy to help you and am confident that together we will find a way forward.

I offer Counselling and Spiritual Guidance and Supervision to help you see your life from a different perspective and to work through any issues or blocks which might be preventing you from enjoying your life, relationships and work as fully as  may be possible.

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