Counselling, Therapy and Supervision

Counselling provides a place where someone can be heard and helped.

“When a person realizes he has been deeply heard, his eyes moisten. I think in some real sense he is

weeping for joy.

It is as though he were saying, "Thank God,

somebody heard me. Someone knows

what it's like to be me” 
Carl R. Rogers

Counselling and Therapy


I am an integrative therapist.  This means that I use several different counselling models or theories in my work.  I integrate Person Centred, Gestalt, CBT and Transpersonal ways of working to help my clients gain greater awareness of themselves and the problems they are encountering. 

I work with the whole person, this means that together, we will explore mind, body, emotion and soul (whatever this may or may not mean for the client) I believe that if we are to feel content and fulfilled by our lives, we need to pay attention to these four parts of ourselves and to notice what is going on for us in these different areas of self. 

When we first meet, we can discuss your personal needs and work together to achieve the outcomes you would like. It may be that you want to feel happier, less stressed or anxious, or that you would like to make life more meaningful or get to know yourself better. 

I see clients in Plymouth at my home where I have a peaceful therapy room.

Fees £45-£50 per session (The lower fee being for those on lower incomes)

To find out more or to arrange an initial session to discuss how we might work together send me an email or give me a call.  There is more information on my counselling work here



When we work with people in helping and therapy work, we can often be affected by the things we are told or share with them in a confidential setting. Counsellors, Healers, Nurses, Carers, Social Workers, Support Workers and Therapists can all find themselves being affected by the impact their work has on them and their lives. It can be hard to cope with the burden of a shared confidence or our own reactions to what we experience in our helping work. This is where supervision can be extremely valuable.

I offer supervision to anyone working in a helping or therapeutic setting. So, if you are a psychotherapist or a reflexologist, I am happy to work with you to help you manage your case load and your reactions to your work in a confidential and supportive relationship.  I hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Person Centred Supervision.

I use a process model called The Seven Eyed Process Model and also draw on Gestalt, Person Centred, CBT and Transpersonal approaches in my practice. 

For more details read my blog article here


Fees £50 per hour depending on professional experience.  I offer a concessionary rate to counseling students.


If you require more information or would like to arrange an initial meeting to discuss how we might work together send me an email or give me a call.