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Counselling with Soul

What is counselling with soul?

Well, for me, it is a way of working with clients that allows them to access more than just their minds. So, often we try to work our way though something difficult by thinking about it. It is natural to do this of course, but sometimes it can be unhelpful. There are times when our mind just does not have the answer.

"you cannot solve a problem with the same

mind that created it"

Albert Einstein

I think that it is sometimes more helpful to find a different source of guidance. I believe that we all have the answers to our problems within us, but that there is more to us than just our minds. There are many times when working with clients, that I might suggest connecting to their soul, or a source or power greater than themselves. This greater power is not necessarily a religious God, although of course for some this is the case. It is more an invitation to discover a different source of information, a source that may well have a different take on things. Having used this in my practice for some years now, I have found it to be a really effective way of helping my clients to find not only answers, but inner peace, acceptance, contentment and guidance to the problem or situation that is causing them difficulty.

So, counselling with soul is a way of working with clients that invites them to explore a different aspect of themselves in order to help them to discover more of themselves and to move away from the busyness and cluttered nature of the logical mind.

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