Mediumship and Fortune Telling

Here is an article that I wrote for Psychic Link Magazine and that was published in their February 2017 issue.

There can sometimes be confusion around the difference between mediumship and fortune telling. I thought it might be useful to outline the differences here, so that when you go for a reading with someone, you know what to expect.

Mediumship is basically communication with the spirit world. The Spiritualists National Union defines mediumship as “the transfer of information from the spirit of a deceased person via a medium to a recipient” A medium receives information from a loved one in the world of spirit and passes on information to you about the person who is communicating. The mediums job is to provide you with evidence that the person coming through is who they claim they are. Sometimes, you might need to do a little research among

other family members to confirm the validity of the evidence given, but generally, you should know who the spirit communicator is.

A good medium should be able to describe the personality of the spirit person, provide you with some information about the spirit person’s life and perhaps something of how they passed over. It is always worth bearing in mind that although there is often a great deal of love and support given from a spirit person during a reading, they haven’t become saints or all seeing all knowing gurus. They are often just the same as we remember them being when they were in the physical body on earth. That is not to say that they cannot develop and progress within the spirit world. Just as we on earth grow and change as we move through life, so the spirit people can too.

With this in mind, it is worth considering when going for a reading if what you want is to hear from a loved one in the spirit world, to receive evidence of their survival, or if you are looking for something else, as mediums are not necessarily fortune tellers or able to give messages from loved ones about what you should do or shouldn’t do in your life. I explain it like this. When your loved one was on earth, did you go to them and ask them what was going to be the outcome of your job change, new relationship or if you should move house. I imagine not. Probably because you realised they didn’t know the answers any more than you do. So it is in the spirit world. Loved ones are not necessarily any wiser or more knowledgeable about the future than they were before passing.

If what you require from a reading is to know what is going to happen to you in the future, then this is actually quite a difficult thing to deliver. Although it is possible for some readers to predict the future, it is a little more complicated than simply passing on predications that can then be waited for. Let’s think of a situation where you might begin to think of changing your job. You become aware of being dissatisfied in some way with your current job. You start to think of the possibilities of what you could do instead, how you might move forward and how it might work out. Perhaps you day dream and begin fantasising about the many different possibilities open to you. In addition, you may have fears, worries or doubts about moving on. All of these thoughts and feelings are held within your auric field and a good psychic will be able to pick up on them. The reader may then tell you about all the different possibilities you have been thinking of and also the doubts you may have about moving on with your work. I personally wonder about the usefulness of fortune telling as you wouldn’t know if what was said by the reader is true or not, until it has happened. Although of course, some comfort may be experienced in the waiting period.

The readings I offer are intended to help you find your own way. I am passionate about empowering people to find their own answers, guidance and direction. Simply because doing this is more likely to help. I believe that everyone has the answers to their own problems within them and I see my job when doing a reading form someone as being to help them find their own answers and direction. So, in a reading with me (which by the way, I like to call spiritual guidance rather than readings) I will pass on information about your life, past and present and the choices, directions and learning opportunities that are open for you in the coming year. I like to highlight trends or patterns that you may be repeating or lessons that seem to keep reoccurring in your life. I usually find that someone from the spirit world calls in during the session too and pass on information from them. I often find that the spirit communicator has a message for the recipient that links with where they are in life and about what is happening for them at a particular time.

I always avoid direct predictions of future events, for I cannot be sure that I am not just picking up on the thoughts and feelings held in the auric field and so would not want to mislead my client by telling them to get a particular job which is not right for them, simply because it is something they had fleetingly thought about. Instead I often get a sense of the person I am reading for and help them to see their choices and look at what might stop them from taking advantage of the options open to them. For me, the best readings or spiritual guidance sessions I hold for clients are those that are interactive, that is to say when the client joins in the process and asks questions and where we work together to explore the different options and choices that are being considered.

I hope and believe that in offering spiritual guidance to my clients, they become empowered to follow the path that is truly right for them and that our time together helps then to be clearer about the situations that concern or worry them. If I had a pound for every time a client says “you have told me exactly what I knew deep down inside” I would be a very rich man. For me, a spiritual guidance session is just that. Time spent looking at life from a spiritual view point, which helps to uncover unconscious influences and blocks as well as latent talents and abilities that could be exploited.

So, before going for a reading, it may be worth taking time to be sure that you know what it is you want and which kind of reader is most likely to be able to meet that need.