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Supervision A Nourishing Space for Counsellors

Where do you go as a counsellor or therapist with your struggles, stuckness and to talk about the impact of the work you do on yourself?

The answer of course is supervision. In the supervision sessions I offer, I aim to create a nurturing space where you can be yourself; warts and all A place where you can explore your practice without judgment and fear of being told off, but instead with a friendly companion who will be curious with you about your work, your clients and your responses to them.

I believe that in creating such an environment a counsellor and of course their clients; will benefit greatly. After all, who wants to feel judged or scared of admitting to the mistakes and oversights we as counsellors are bound to experience. If we as practitioners; feel good and have a nurturing place to discuss and explore our work, then this will naturally be reflected in our work with clients. I prefer to supervise with a spirit of curiosity, rather than superiority and judgement and find that this works well for all concerned.

I draw on a variety of approaches in my supervision work. For example, I find Hawkins and Shohet's Seven Eyed Process Model a great foundation from which to work. It helps to shine a light on the different areas of a counsellors practice. I also work with an holistic model I devised for counsellors; The Connections Model which explores the relationship between mind, body, soul and emotion and how possible disconnections between these parts of self impact on a practitioner and their client. I use Gestalt, Person Centred, CBT and Transpersonal concepts in my work and by bringing all of this to sessions; I believe that a supervisee experiences a comprehensive reflection on their client work and personal wellbeing.

I have taught counselling to trainees at every level, set up and run a counselling training organisation and so am very experienced in the design and delivery of CPCAB courses so bring a great deal of understanding, both practical, theoretical and experiential to my work and so welcome counselling tutors as well as counsellors and therapists to my counselling practice. I believe that tutors need supervision support for their practice and know that I have found this not only invaluable, but essential in my teaching work.

I think that supervision is a place where I can work with you to help you explore your practice and support your growth and development as a practitioner. If you are able to come in person, I will even make you a cup of tea (zoom sessions are available too)

For a no obligation discussion on how we might work together, feel free to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.


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