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Zen Men

There are a lot of opportunities for women to meet to explore spirituality and their relationships with one another.  Men can often be excluded from such opportunities and feel alone with their questions and desire to explore spirituality and what it means to them. 

We are providing a space for men to take time out to meet with other men who are interested in exploring their own spirituality and connections to themselves, others, nature and soul.  It is a group for men, but with a difference. The participants in this group will be all men but the group will be facilitated by Mark Hartshorn and Kim Cooper (female) with a view to bringing a balance of the masculine and feminine into the work we will do together.  Both are experienced therapists with a strong interest in earth based spirituality. 


We aim to move someway to bridging the division between men and women and rather than staying separate, learn to be together in healthy and authentic connection. 

Read more about Zen Men here

Photo by Zac Durrant

A Monthly Group in Plymouth for Men

How Do I Book A Place

Just send us an email and let us know you are coming.  Email Mark here

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